PSP Notepad


When taking time-consuming flights and buses, I find it very annoying with tons of ideas in mind but find nothing to write on. A laptop typically gives 2-3 hours, a netbook gives a few more but not enough. Is there a better solution?

The program

Fortunately, we have Sony's Playstation Portable which is well-documentedly hacked to be a programmable device with the following crazy features for less than $200:

480x272 TrueColor screen
333 MHz CPU
32MB (PSP1000)/64MB(PSP2000+) memory
Graphics Accerelation card

Since 2005, people have designed numerous homebrew applications on that. PSP typically works for 8+ hours in reading books. So why not write a Notepad on PSP? Here it is.

PSP Notepad 1.0 (For 1.5 Firmware and PSP 1000)

An infra-red keyboard is needed for typing. Here I use the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard (available in Amazon). Thank the source code of madruscoe's TyDoPad for making the connection of PSP & Keyboard come true.

Hot Keys

Ctrl + Space = Switch input methods
Ctrl + x o = Open file
Ctrl + x n = New file
Ctrl + x s = Save file
Ctrl + s = Forward search
Ctrl + r = Backward search